Saturday, January 28, 2006

Party for Chalabi like it's 1999

This memo actually leaked back before Thanksgiving when Ahmad Chalabi was returning to the states. It was posted at dailykos When another came my way, I decide to find a home for them.

To: Cabal Members
From: Your Fellow Neocon Social Director
Subject: Party for Chalabi

I don’t know if you heard – we all know how good our own intel is – but Ahmad Chalabi will be back in DC shortly and we all want to welcome back our old friend. We have a lot to talk about. We’ll let you know time and place when all the particulars go firm.

Of course, we will be presenting Ahmad with his award for “Best Use of Intelligence during the Run Up to the Second Iraqi War.” He may say a few words. He sure did not mind talking when he was here before. We are hoping he is bringing all those flowers we were promised during that time. Before the party, Ahmad will meet with Condi – that member of the other cabal in Big W’s life, the one involving powerful women – and he can fill us in on what they are up to. Anyway, we can laugh and talk like it was when he was here before, when theory and ideals were not tainted by reality. Ahmad could always tell a good story.

And Paulie, please, please, come. You’re our heart and soul. It’s your theories that got us were we are in the world today. When you said we would be out in less than two years, we thought you were talking about our military in Iraq, not yourself. Who da Wolfman? You da Wolfman!

And no party would be complete without our Big Dick. We are hoping he can make it. What with his work trying to exclude the CIA from the moral responsibility for basic human dignity of certain non-Americans – when you say you’re the good guys, you don’t have to act like good guys – and getting access to drill on the north slope, he may only be here a short while. Our Big W may drop by also, but his being present is irrelevant. However, his irrelevancy is important. As this duck become more lame, our power diminishes. That is why we need to make the most of our Big Dick’s presents.

The plans for the invasion of Iran and North Korea do not appear operative this term. Thus, we have got to get our Big Dick in that Oval Office in 2008. If we run him with care, his ticker should last long enough to get elected, and that is all we need. We will discuss the choice for vice president in a back room during the party.

Till then, remember we are the world.


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