Sunday, December 03, 2006

One of Our Plans Actually Worked

While the memo by Steven Hadley that appeared in the NYTimes, Nov. 29, and the one by Rumsfled that appeared Dec. 2 got lots of attention, another leaked memo got little coverage – except here.

To: Neocon Strategy Group
From: Your Neocon Coordinator
Date: November 25, 2006
Subject: Planting Memos in New York Times – Attention Spin Department

Just to let you know, we plan to play the NYTimes as if we were a straight man with the goofiest of second bananas. Two memos will appear in the next few days. The scoop hungry guys over at the Times will do anything to satisfy their need for gratification. (Or is it validation?)

We thought the loss of Judith Miller, who was one of the best month pieces we ever had, would mean a loss of backdoor access to America's front page, but these memos proves there are still a supply of gullible reporters to take her place. It has been some time since the aspens were at their peak and Scooter whispered sweet nothings in Judith’s ear. She was so ambitious and apparently her editors were too. A city full of Jimmy Olson's and no Superman.

One would think that a leak from an organization that has no leaks would be suspicious, but they took it, hook, line, and sinker. (Or is it stinker?) They bought the whole bit. First Steve’s memo, the one that shows that we are still strategizing our involvement in Iraq and then Rummy’s will just be icing on the cake. He can still rule though he no longer rules.

The third time’s the charm. First we were wrong about WMD’s, and then second, we were wrong about installing democracy and freedom, so third, we have to be right about getting Maliki to move away from Sadr. Of this we are sure.

And do not worry about our old ex-friend Chalabi who we know contributed considerably to our first two misconceptions about Iraq. And it is not true that we and the country we run were his goofy second banana.

So keep the spirit of Neo-conservatism. These leaks will get us out of Iraq the same way our leaks got us into Iraq.


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