Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blame the Liberals

To: Neocon Cabal
From: Social Director
Subject: Exit from Iraq (Solution in need of a strategy)

Keep an eye out for the liberals and their liberal biased MSM to move to a position for which we can exploit. We desperately need to shift the blame for our inevitable exit from Iraq. Things in Iraq did not go as we thought they would. Looks like things are going to turn ugly. In fact, they could turn very ugly; things could escalate to include the whole of the Middle East, and we do not want to get blamed for that. We don't want to become know as the O'leary Cow of the Middle East conflagration.

Getting stuck with the charge of total incompetent would surly retard our agenda. Don't forget, we still got Iran and North Korea to do. Democracy in Iraq is not all that we had hoped. Certainly not what we planned back in those memorial days in school and when we first took over the Pentagon – when the theories seemed so real. Theories and Aspens, those were the golden times.

The other insurgency, the one that will occur in the mid-term election if the Republicans lose the majority in either house, is not to be taken lightly. Investigations will be launched. There will be questions before committees. Repeatedly sitting at the table facing the committees having to answer questions will not look good even on Fox News. We need to have our strategy set before it happens, so will speak with one voice – rhetorically lockstep. We can only hope Karl will pull one of his election tricks and we will have two more years.

Some how we have got to blame the liberals for the sectarian violence that arose after we overthrew Saddam. We must maintain control of the 9/11 meme. Such as: After 9/11, conservatives saw a chance to introduce democracy and individual freedom into the Middle East in Iraq. After 9/11, liberals' pessimism about our Iraqi strategy ruined the whole thing.

Suggested talking points:

The MSM lost the war because it only reported things that made war look bad. We need to get Fox News to report on this as if it was the news. Fox is fighting a valiant effort to hold our idealist front against the onslaught of distressing facts. Make the MSM the news. It's worked so well before.

As bad as it was in Iraq, it's better to have that happen over there instead of over here. This line has held up well, we should keep using it.

The Democrats' inability to organize any political resistance caused us to lose the war. The Democrats are so disorganized they will not be able to defend against the

Liberals are too wussy and caused the loss of the war. It is the liberals' lack of backbone and not our naïve strategy that loss the war.

It was liberals in the intelligence community that lead to the incorrect conclusion of the presents of WMD's. In fact, there are way too many liberals in the government. This could become a cause and distract attention away from the Iraq fiasco.

Ahmed Chalabi was actually a liberal. He is a liberal Shiite. Besides looking after his own interest, spying for Iran, he is a liberal. You know, you can’t trust a liberal.

When it comes to introducing democracy and individual freedom in the Middle East, it's the thought that counts.

Liberals lost the war because their questioning of the administration undermined its ability to wage war.

Not enough sons and daughters of Democrats volunteered for the army.

There are too many Democrats in the military. Look at all the returning veterans who are running as Democrats. They lost Iraq so they could come home and run against us.

Radical Islam is a secret liberal plot.

There were WMD's in Iraq but the liberals in the military hid them and the MSM went along with it.

When we are ready to make our exit from Iraq, have a blond, blue-eyed teenage girl with pouty lips kidnapped. That should distract the MSM long enough for us to sneak out of Iraq.

If the terrorist will not oblige us with an attack in the U.S., do something ourselves and blame the terrorist. Our debacle in Iraq would be forgotten, and as an added benefit, we could move forward our agenda for Iran and North Korea. This would really be winner for us. Something nuclear would really lock us in.

Anyway, get you thinking caps on, and give me a call if you think of anything. In fact, give me a call if any of you ever think – that would be a first for us.

And keep watching the liberals – they may hand us an out and we don’t have to do anything. After all, they gave us the presidency – twice.